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Transforming Your Online Presence



We take a look at what your core values are, how you see your brand and what you want to communicate to the world.



After getting a clear idea of what you are looking for, I will get started with designing the layout for your website.



We will both look over what I have created for you to make sure you are happy and make any changes necessary.

Any Questions?

Why shouldn't I just use a website builder?

You can! Website builders are a great option for businesses who need something quick and cheaper in the short time. However for growing businesses, I would recommend a custom built site for a couple of reasons:

Tailored design - A bespoke website can be designed to match your specific brand and aesthetic, without running the risk of using a template that is used by hundreds of businesses.

Flexibility - A bespoke website can be built to include any features or functionalities you require, whereas website builders may have limitations on what can be added or customized.

SEO & Marketing - Bespoke websites tend to have better SEO options, and analytics integration, which can help you market your website more effectively.

Ownership and control - You own the website, the code, and the design and can move it to different host or developer as you wish.

What is and isn't included in the price?

As I am a designer and not a developer, I will need to pass on my designs to a developer of your choice who will bring the designs into a reality.

Some optional add-ons I offer are copywriting- in other words writing the content for your website, and finding copyright-free images to use on your website if you don't have many of your own.

You will need to purchase your domain (from a website such as GoDaddy), these are usually only a couple of pounds a year. I will need access to your domain registration account if you want me to host your website for you.

After speaking with your developer, you may have to arrange your own hosting if this service is not offered through your developer.

So, what's next?

To get a better understanding of your brand, I just need to gather some information about what you're looking for. After looking at the details, I will set up a collaborative mood board of imagery which will make it easier for us to discuss visuals to take inspiration from in your bespoke package.

Let's Go!
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